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Business is not financial science; it's about manufacturing, trading, buying and selling. It's about creating a genuine product. Above all it’s about the quality, the finesse and keeping up the same without breaking the confines of time.

This is what we, the team at Olive Gifts Pvt. Ltd, firmly believe in. Led by young and ambitious entrepreneurs, this company is about creativity and originality. Olive Gifts Pvt. Ltd is a wholesale producer of a number of leather and non leather articles like Travel bags, Hand bags, Jackets, belts, wallets, Desktop accessories, other leather accessories and small appliances along with any product specific to the client.

The foundation element on which Olive Gifts Pvt. Ltd has been erected is its quality principle. Dealing in genuine leather and non leather, our products are distinguished owing to their exceptional finishing and striking designs. Along with quality this company vehemently believes in delivering its products to its consumers within the stipulated time period.

Employees at Olive Gifts Pvt. Ltd work with a spirit displaying great zest and a vision of producing the finest goods in the leather and non leather market today. This spirit has led our products to gain a reputation for their reliability, durability and value for money. It is our desire that employees are long-term ensuring an expertise that will support the customer experience.

Characterized by its youth and phenomenal work ethics, Olive Gifts Pvt. Ltd is etching a refulgent future in the world market.

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